Fatality Rates

Rabies represents a unique unmet medical need, for which there is no effective therapy. Rabies is the most lethal organism known to the medical community, with a fatality rate of essentially 100% [SEE FIGURE]. In addition, rabies consistently impacts more lives annually than other viruses that are in the news, like Ebola. For example, in the 40-year history of known Ebola infections ~15,000 people have died but, in that same 40-year period, over 3 million people have died from rabies.

There are currently no effective treatments for the approximately 60,000 people who develop an active rabies infection in the brain, all of whom will die. Consequently an effective treatment would open up a whole new market and provide much needed medical support for those addicted by this life-threatening disease.

Current Fatality Rates of Infectious Diseases: