About Us

MABT’s current mission is to implement our proprietary therapy technology, IMT504. We are close to a medical breakthrough with Rabies and are concentrating on developing next generation COVID-19 vaccines.

MABT was founded in 2011 with the mission of eradicating life-threatening infectious diseases using a transformative, patented technology platform called IMT504. IMT504 harnesses the body’s own immune response to fight off infections that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to treat. This revolutionary type of immune system-based therapy is called “immunotherapy”.

We are a pharmaceutical company focused on the clinical development and commercialization of a novel anti-infective therapeutic approach, which is immunotherapy for infectious diseases. We are actively creating a revolutionary treatment paradigm for viral diseases, such as Rabies and COVID-19.

Rabies represents a unique unmet medical need, for which there is no effective therapy. When Rabies virus gets in the brain, it is the most lethal organism known to the medical community, with a fatality rate of essentially 100%. Rabies is a devastating world problem. Annual deaths worldwide are numerous. In the past 40 years, estimated deaths are over 3 Million people!

In addition, MABT is the first company to have received a valuable regulatory incentive called Orphan Drug Designation for late-stage rabies disease. Orphan Drug Designation offers a unique opportunity for ensuring a more rapid, efficient pathway to FDA approval and extended market exclusivity.

We are developing second generation COVID-19 vaccines through our wholly owned subsidiary, NidoVax. We believe that our vaccines will afford broad protection against the numerous viral variants threatening our world.


IMT504 Super Charges your own Immune System