IMT504 is a novel oligodeoxynucleotide immunotherapy that has shown robust results in numerous animal safety and efficacy models, as well as in humans. Recent data suggest that IMT504 will be a highly effective treatment for influenza, creating a powerful alternative to Tamiflu. Other exciting data suggest that IMT504 could be the first ever effective treatment for rabies.

IMT504 promises to be the first breakthrough therapy for rabies for which there are no effective therapies today. Virtually 100% of people with rabies brain infection die. There are more than 60,000 deaths per year from rabies with most cases in India, Asia and Africa.

Highly vulnerable patients, such as those with Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia (VAP) or significant burns, commonly have life-threatening antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections. IMT504 has shown impressive efficacy in multiple animal models against lethal Pseudomonas, which could translate to a new breakthrough and effective treatment for patients. IMT504 could have a profound impact in terms of mortality and morbidity, hospitalization requirements, standard of care, quality of life, and health economics.

There are large and growing unsatisfied commercial global markets for treatment of Pseudomonas infections in VAP patients and burn victims. We believe that the indication for rabies offers several avenues for an accelerated FDA approval and rapid revenues. MABT is also rapidly advancing IMT504 therapy for other viral diseases (eg, Tamiflu alternative for influenza), emerging diseases and biodefense.