Our Revolutionary, Patented Immunotherapy

IMT504 acts by supercharging your body’s own immune response to successfully defend against and defeat infections.

IMT504 does this by quickly, and safely, orchestrating and coordinating the various immune cells within your body to rapidly recognize and neutralize bacteria and viruses that have invaded your body, with the goal of eradicating them before they can do irreversible harm.

This immunotherapy approach to combating bacteria and viruses has the potential to revolutionize medical care because:

-Bacteria that resist antibiotics have become a global threat; however IMT504 works in a completely different way.

-Specific antibiotics need to be administered depending on the infection. Physicians spend precious time, resources, and money on the diagnosis process. With IMT504, the life-saving treatment can be administered right after a patient enters the clinic or hospital.

-This acceleration of access to an effective treatment may mean the difference between life and death for the patient.