MABT is targeting the growing antibiotic resistance problem and creating a revolutionary treatment paradigm for viral diseases (eg, Tamiflu alternative for influenza), emerging diseases and biodefense. Our current focus is to bring new treatment options for hard-to-treat bacterial infections to market. These infections have high morbidity and mortality rates, often caused by bacteria that are partially or completely resistant to current antibiotics. IMT504 offers a powerful ‘antibiotic alternative’. We also focus on certain viruses that have incredibly high mortality rates, like rabies, that until now have few or no effective treatment options available for patients.

MABT is leveraging several FDA regulatory pathways to rapidly accelerate the time to market. This first FDA approval will serve as a ‘regulatory accelerator’ to drive the larger commercial anti-bacterial market indications, with the goal of many FDA approvals for the use of IMT504 in a broad spectrum of bacterial and viral diseases and biodefense of this novel antibiotic alternative.

Immunotherapy: Our Revolutionary, Patented Immunotherapy
IMT504 acts by supercharging your body’s own immune response to defend successfully against and defeat infections.

IMT504 does this by quickly, and safely, orchestrating and coordinating the various immune cells within your body to rapidly recognize and neutralize bacteria and viruses that have invaded your body, with the goal of eradicating them before they can do irreversible harm.

This immunotherapy approach has the potential to revolutionize medical care because:
-Bacteria that resist antibiotics have become a global threat; however, IMT504 works in a completely different way.